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Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a life long condition in which the body is not able to utilize and store the glucose or sugar we eat. This causes the sugar to build up- causing ones blood glucose to rise too high.


If you have diabetes it is important to know and understand what care you need throughout your life and your role in managing diabetes.


The Aegle Diabetic care is intended to increase patient adherence to treatment management by a state of art support network. To achieve these goals we at Aegle provide:


  • Expert consultations for effective treatment thereby reducing the risks of complications and being healthy.
  • Support to help you look after your diabetes yourself
  • Help you obtain the right information on Diabetes, diabetic nutrition, exercise
  • Help you equip yourself with tools for self monitoring
  • Help you achieve the desirable goals
  • Regular diagnostic checks


Different sub sets of Diabetes care:


  • Prevention and early identification of Diabetes through screening
  • Improving clinic care in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes by providing education, personal care plans, support, thereby encouraging partnership between you and the healthcare team
  • Support and care for women with pre existing diabetes who wish to become pregnant, are pregnant or those who develop diabetes during pregnancy.
  • Speciality Diabetic Care clinics, include Foot care clinic, Obesity Clinic, Eye care clinic, to prevent and deal with the complications effectively.
  • Insulin Pump clinic for better treatment results.